5 Qualities That Make a Logo Stand Out

5 Qualities That Make a Logo Stand Out

Your logo is usually the first thing a stranger will see when they are introduced to your brand. Learn how to make your logo stand out by following these golden rules.


The most important part of having a good logo is making sure it’s well-designed. That means crisp lettering and clean shapes. An uncluttered logo stands out more because there are fewer distractions from the main image.


Choose a color that goes along with your brand messaging. Greens and yellows give off a natural vibe, while gold and black often signify luxury and quality. Do some color research to figure out what colors can symbolize your brand and incorporate them into your logo.


A picture is worth a thousand words, and the same goes for your logo. Depending on your brand, a logo might be very simple or incorporate different symbols and images. Play around with the shape of your logo to create an image that represents something and can be easily recognized by your audience.


Your brand starts with a catchy or professional name that will hopefully become synonymous with the industry you’re in. Your logo should work with or without the company name attached to it, helping your brand get recognized on its own.

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