What Are The 5 Basics of Branding?

What Are The 5 Basics of Branding?
Know your audience

Before you solidify your brand, you have to understand the audience you are selling your product or service to. A healthy drink with the latest trending ingredients might able to a younger millennial crowd, but it might also appeal to old moms interested in keeping their families healthy. Finding a balance in the way you brand and market your products will help you win each of your target audiences.

Define your brand

After you know your audience, establishing a strong brand message and identity is the next step for defining your brand. Creating common themes or taglines to consistently use with your brand will make your company stand out in people’s memories. Your goal is to be remembered, so consumers can recognize, recall, and repurchase your products. A strong brand voice is important to have throughout all brand communications, which can be funny, professional, friendly, etc – as long as it’s consistent.

branding basics and logo color

Choose your logo and style

Once your brand identity is locked down, it’s time to create the actual brand image surrounding it. This includes logo design, fonts, colors, images, and an overall style that is always to be used for your company. The goal is for every aspect of your brand to be cohesive, so the logo should be marketable towards your target audience and embody the brand message. Your healthy juice brand may choose natural colors like greens and yellows to emphasize a focus on natural ingredients and health benefits.

Create a presence

Create a presence through web, social, and print marketing using your newly focused branding. An online presence is essential for increasing your reach digitally, using a well-designed website. Clean images and uncluttered text is important for grabbing a viewer’s attention and directing them to the right information. Extending your branding to print materials like signs, business cards, stationery, and flyers can also help your brand stand out and leave an impression. Combining all elements of your brand identity and using it in all marketing communications will ultimately lead to more recognition and sales.

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